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Below is a list of upcoming events.
Please note we do not run any of these events. They are simply listed here for your convience.
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New South Wales
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South Australia
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Northern Territory
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Australian Capital Territory
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SEQsParties Daytime Party
Wed, May 23, 11am
A mid week party for greedy girls!
Private venue in Brisbane
Click here for details
Spit 'N' Polish
Thu, May 24, 10pm
A strict Leather and Uniform dress code applies
Laird Hotel, Collingwood
Click here for details
Weekend Warm Up
Thu, May 24, 8pm
Join us for a sexy night of fun
The Couples Club, Surry Hills
Click here for details
Sydney Hellfire Club
Fri, May 25, 9pm
Sydney's kinkiest club night!
Candys Apartment, Potts Point
Click here for details
Flirtatious Swingers Friday
Fri, May 25, 9pm
It's time for Sydney couples to get flirty!
The Couples Club, Surry Hills
Click here for details
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